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Below are answers to some of the most often asked questions about working as part of the ASI firefighting team.


If you don't find the answers to your questions here, please give us a call at the office. 503-838-1006.


What does it take to become an ASI firefighter?

  • Hardworking, dependable, and committed

  • Willing to work as a team with your crew members

  • Working long and difficult hours

  • Working in difficult or extreme situations at times

  • Being in good physical condition is a must

  • Willing to travel and be away from home and family

How long is the training to become a wildland firefighter?

The Entry-level fire fighter class (S130/190) is a 40 hour course taking place over a 5 day period. In addition you must pass the Work Capacity fire fighter fitness test . You must complete both before you can be issued your red card.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for the above-mentioned class.

When does fire season generally start?

Fire season is always highly unpredictable as it all depends on the general moisture content, and what the weather patterns are that year.

How long does fire season usually last?

It can start as early as May and end as late as November

What form of personal identification will I need?

You will be required to provide two forms of government issued ID such as Drivers License, Social security card, and passports. All of these are acceptable as government issued ID.

What will I need to take?

ASI Arden Solutions, Inc. will provide you with all of the personal protective equipment that is required, which includes 2 sets of Nomex fire resistant shirts and pants, a hard-hat, safety glasses, a new generation fire shelter, head lamp, gloves, and fire pack.

A list of personal recommended items will be given out and discussed at our new firefighter orientation.

What type of boots do I need?

Boots must be leather work boots 8" in high, Vibram Soles, non-steel toe. If possible, you'll want to break them in before the season starts to prevent blisters and any kind of foot pain.



"ASI assisted in a complex firing operation which resulted in the preservation of a small community of 14 cabins and various out buildings. They were able to maintain a calm demeanor despite the extreme fire behavior and # of 1st year firefighters on the crew."

Fontenelle Fire / Big Piney, WY

"I'm very impressed with the service this crew has provided. One of the best crews I've worked with. They are extremely organized and hard working."

Corral Fire - Helena, MT

"Met all line specifications, solid Crew hated to see them time out."

Bagley Complex - Big Bend, CA

"The assignment was highly dynamic and ASI showed a ton of flexibility where faced with shifting priorities."

Cygnet, Wyoming Fire

"During their time on the McGuire Fire ASI performed burn out, fuels reduction prep work, mop-up, and hotline construction. During all phases of work the ASI crew could be relied on as efficient and hardworking crew. The crew showed safe work practices. Crew was organized and well equipped with skilled crew supervisors and members."

Red River, Idaho - McGuire Fire

"Cool under fire! Three days hard, dirty, steep, thick mop up. New rigs, well-prepared, saws, squads, came to us from dispatch quickly and went to work in 7-10 minutes for IA."

Missoula Montana Fire

"Crew did a great job. This was a tough fire with some extreme hazards. Crew had a good safety briefing after initial briefing did a good job implementing LCES."

Kamiah, Idaho Fire

"Crew worked prepping structure and did a great job. Crew is very physically fit."

Stewart Fire - Wisdom, MT

"The crew did and excellent job of burning out, holding, mop-up, gridding, and sawing. Their high quality of service can be attributed to the above-average level of experience and fire qualifications. The crew was a bonus to have on the division since we were able to break off a FIREB and DOZB. Both did a good job. The sawyers did an exceptional job prepping for burn out, this is by far the best contract crew I've worked with."

Diamond Complex - Ashland, MT


"Crew was very well supervised and dedicated to their work. Always on time and effective."

Corral Fire - Helena, MT

"If you're not early, you're late", and ASI was never once late. They were not only punctual, but arrived mentally and physically prepared to engage in any operation."

Fontenelle Fire 2012 / Big Piney, WY

"The Crew was at the reporting drop point before I got there."

Bagley Complex - Big Bend, CA

"Timely, on scene, briefings, organized. Loaned HEQB for fire. Much appreciated as one was not available. Worked hard on IA and extended attack shifts."

Missoula Montana Fire

"Crew arrived on time and was good to check in."

Kamiah, Idaho Fire

"Crew was always on time and one of the first crews on the fire line. There were never any issues regarding timeliness."

Red River, Idaho - McGuire Fire

"Crew was always on time. Did the work I asked of them effectively and quickly."

Stewart Fire - Wisdom, MT


"These gentleman are very professional and worked well with all other fire crews. I have recommended that this crew gets re-assigned when this job is over."

Corral Fire - Helena, MT

"The entire crew was very polite and professional. They integrated well with all the other resources on Division, and were very selfless, always accounting for the consideration of other resources/individuals."

Fontenelle Fire 2012 / Big Piney, WY

"BLM, MT State, USFS. Engines, tenders. Two crew bosses on hand allowed for IA modules and superb effort on hot line."

Missoula Montana Fire

"The crew was very friendly and professional."

Bagley Complex - Big Bend, CA

"Crew worked well with FS people and if they had questions on business items they asked."

Stewart Fire - Wisdom, MT


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